The cave

The Cave is an immersive installation which has been presented at "le Pôle International de la Préhistoire" in Dordogne, France and then released as a "360 Version" in December 2014 for the launch of the Samsung GearVR "Innovator edition".

The user travels through time and crosses the same landscape at the age of a glacial period (-30 000bp) and today. In this scenery, he discovers and explores a cave where he will be able to interact with the walls and reveal a buried representation hidden in “the soul of the stone".

With a slow, poetic and contemplative pace, the goal is to confront the user with the supernatural power of painted prehistoric caves (which were none other than the first “immersive experiences”) as if you discover one of them for the first time.

Rendered with the CryEngine, the environment is produced with scientific accuracy. Pictures, diagrams and comments were gathered from specialized scientists, and the environment is based on the Vézère Valley in France, a representative landscape of this time, where several major caves (like the renowned Lascaux) are located.


/// Credits
Production - InnerspaceVR
Level design - Fabrice gaston
Lead Graphiste - Guillaume Bertinet
Programmation - Thomas Tissot Dupont
Animation - Balthazar Auxietre
Sound Design - Sylvain Buffet
Music - Maurice Moncozet, Eric Solé
Participation vocale - Annie Labeille, Andrée Riquard, Jean-Pierre Vanzo
/// More infos

Some Screenshots: